Hard Swallow

In Canadian wilderness Grizzly bear seems in hard action about to capture and swallow leaping Salmon from rapid steam waters
Grizzly bear seems intent, in hard action about to capture leaping Salmon from rapid steam waters with its claw or mouth to quickly swallow fresh fish meal.

Grizzly bear seems in hard action attempting to capture with its paw and swallow a leaping Chinook Salmon probably in a fast-moving stream somewhere in Canadian Rocky mountain wilderness.

While once visiting Ottawa, Canada’s capital, I spotted and digitally captured this image of large welded metal art composition of the hungry Grizzly and leaping Chinook Salmon.

Pictures I looked at in Google Images suggest that a Grizzly normally would probably wait for a Salmon at top of waterfall where the fish trying to get over and into the water above the falls would leap up and be caught by bear.

A combination of wide open mouth and its powerful paws with long claw nails assures the Grizzly a Salmon dinner because the choice for the poor fish is either bear’s mouth with powerful jaw and sharp teeth or bear’s claw followed by mouth.

Grizzlies are large, brown, bears that when standing measure up to 8 feet tall, they are omnivores with varied diet of wild berries, leaves, nuts, animal meat, and fish.

Apparently, according to research, seventy-five percent of their diet is non-meat or fish however, recent declines in Salmon populations both in Alaska and British Columbia has shown a very direct relationship with the bears.

The simple predator-prey relationship once thought as fact has proven much more complex when government helicopter surveys showed that in areas where fish stocks declined drastically or were non-existent the bear populations declined considerably in tandem.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SWALLOW”.