Nothing Up My Sleeve

"Hocus pocus, Abra cadabra..look nothing up my sleeve" followed by lots of banter magician's right hand brushes against held card deck pulling out two of spades.
Tapping his top hat with magic wand three times incanting “Hocus pocus, Abra cadabra..look nothing up my sleeve”, followed by lots of banter, closing his eyes letting his skilled hand brush against card deck he is hold with other hand he pulls out two of spades.


“Hocus pocus, Abra cadabra..look nothing up my sleeve”, followed by lots banter, purposeful audience distraction, allowing magician plenty of preparation time to remove card deck from its paper container, grab hold stack in left hand then deftly brush deck with right to pull out two of spades, the desired card.

This magician performed many tricks, my picture depicts him holding conjured up two of spades allegedly this was the card one of the kids picked out whole unused magnum size card deck resting on small black table after tapping it with a spare magic wand the magician provided him

The trick amazed the audience about how it happened heck, thinking it must be some sort of ESP(extra sensory perception) that the magician had to pull this off yet it is doubtful he was so gifted.

If you observed carefully, he was just feinting closed eyes similarly to his young guest on stage who was also required to close eyes for this trick.

Although he performed all types of tricks, he never pulled out the proverbial, all popular, live white rabbit out his top hat despite numerous pleas to do so from the children in his audience some whom he invited up on stage for his tricks.

During his performance the magician did finally, about mid-way through, pull a “rabbit” out however, it was just a little, stuffed toy one to which he got some boos.and hisses from disappointed small audience.

Saturday, June 23, 2018 was a mostly overcast type of day with rain drizzle starting at supper hour however, when the magic show began it suddenly seemed to have stopped for about an hour only to return later sporadically coming down the rest of the afternoon.

It was the annual Quebec Fête nationale entertainment, which normally happens on the day before June 24th, Saint Jean Baptiste.

The scene was on a progressively wet afternoon around six PM in a borough located in Montreal’s West Island four hours before the customary fireworks display.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SLEEVE”.