Morsel To Explore

This delightful looking Miss Manitts blueberry integrated pastry morsel quietly awaited us to explore how delicious it tasted.
Delightful blueberry integrated pastry morsel quietly waited us to explore how wonderful it tasted while we were still getting our accompanying rich, brewed, coffees.


Resting peacefully on top of two small plates this delightful morsel quietly waited us to explore how wonderful it tasted while the two of us were still busy getting our accompanying rich brewed coffees.

Hearing that the Miss Manitts Café was about to become history after this coming weekend we decided to make a visit to this quaint, cosy, little, café deep in the west end of Beaconsfield.

When we arrived, It was interesting to see all outdoor tables occupied by cyclists, predominantly middle-age women, an organized gang of locals enjoying Miss Manitts goodies with their coffees, teas, or other liquid refreshments.

My picture depicts one of their blueberry integrated scones which arrived (not show here) with a customary pat of butter in a small, clear, plastic container, and our two coffees, part of one is visible.

We had heard of this place from friends, locals, who really enjoyed visiting and dinning in Miss Manitts and later raving about how great their desserts were.

Perhaps, you were probably wondering why two plates are in the picture, this is because we had decided to split our scone between the two of us trying to keep our calories down in preparation for the next goodies after scone our magically disappeared never to be seen again.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EXPLORE”.