Captivating Microwave Experience

Presently, exposing brain to RF radiation is a captivating microwave experience, seems near everyone has a cellphone and doing it.
Exposing brain to RF radiation is in vogue, a captivating microwave experience, many it seems are strolling around with cellphone conversing with somebody, oblivious to everything.


Exposing brain to RF radiation is a captivating cellphone microwave experience presently in vogue in our “advanced” society where it seems many are doing it heck, take a walk through any city and just observe.

There are hundreds of them, like individual “zombies” strolling around with one conversing with somebody somewhere.

These two men walking side by side are totally oblivious of each other deep in conversation with someone perhaps, only a few meters or some blocks away from where they are.

Notice both have cellphones against the side of their skulls, whose soft grey matter is exposed to RF radiation allegedly “safe” yet why is the cellphone companies’ literature warning users to keep cellphones’ active antenna away from human body.

The warning recommends that a certain distance be maintained to avoid exposure, especially to soft tissue like the human brain, to generated RF radiation emissions.

Of course, these two gentlemen like most users, never bothered with reading that stuff heck, its government approved isn’t it and they wouldn’t allow sale of cellphones that would harm people would they?

If you check the lot of literature available or the Internet, the story is the same: cellphones are fine and.. more studies need be done to confirm or dispel rumors of unexplained tumors, changes in brain activity, reaction time deficiencies, and altered sleep patterns.

If you listen to radio or TV talk shows you get similar answers especially from the celebrity, highly educated, doctor-engineer type experts that know it all however, seldom or never do they mention that the wireless industry and its affiliates is employing them.

Meanwhile, sales of better, newer, more capable units are booming and to support this multi-billion dollar expansion in wireless communication services massive amounts of new different cell towers closer to the ground are popping up everywhere complimenting those already in existence.

Today, our whole urban environment is near totally saturated with invisible RF radiation.

Sadly, the proverbial genie is out of the bottle/lamp and there is no way or will to put it back where it belongs heck, think of all those $$billions invested and that massive amount of loot being made that would be in jeopardy.

Anybody that has followed the cellphone revolution knows 15 years have passed since it all began and it normally (according to our medical experts) takes a decade perhaps, two for radiation induced cancer rates to manifest therefore everyone is holding their breath on this one.

All want to believe we have nothing to fear and everything will be all right or will it?

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CAPTIVATING”