Today, obscenely rich billionaire "emperor-god" narcissism is a global epidemic.
Today, obscenely rich billionaire “emperor-god” narcissism is global epidemic mirroring imperial Roman emperors’ worst excesses of unequal wealth distribution.


Our global obscenely rich billionaire elites’ “emperor-god” narcissism epidemic mirrors the worst of ancient imperial Roman excesses of unequal wealth distribution proving history repeats self.

In ancient times under Roman emperors extravagant feasts and orgies were common while their poor suffered terribly this is similarly repeated today by our obscenely rich class unequal control of global wealth.

“Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt!” said one famed Roman elite.

Today our privileged top 1% follow his famous advice giving the masses 24/7/365 televised “Kardashian” celebrity adoration programs, unlimited professional sports coupled with inane sports talk news, an abundance of “fake news” stories, and carefully doctored daily propaganda.

Fortunately, in most of western world a social security system exists feeding the most needy while the rest of population have jobs to feed their families.

Moreover, increased access to booze, legalized drugs, and legalized gambling helps the elites sustain their control over the rest.

Easy bank credit for vast array of consumer goods including sophisticated cellphones and computers equipped with “games” and other mind-numbing, mesmerizing distractions and addictive noises also helps.

Another recent very useful tool brought to use is “social media”, the all-powerful, ever-expanding, personal profiling Internet data base, that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et al feed through their “free” services.

This last one is a dictator’s, like Stalin, dream come true because that data is extremely useful for a police-type state, something the worst of Roman emperors also could have used but it didn’t exist then.

Our billionaire elites typically usurp political power through illegal funding to install their own crooked subservient stooges that plunder the public purse afterwards, pass laws favorable to elites while overtaxing the gullible population.

Afterwards, the looted national treasuries are siphoned into offshore numbered bank accounts hidden corporations control shielded through sophisticated maze system of dummy front companies professionally created by special law firms operating in places like Panama, Cyprus, Cayman Islands etc.

Rome collapsed because of its emperors’ narcissism leading to abuse of “free” citizens and slaves and corruption likewise, our elites are insanely busy playing that familiar hand expecting a different result perhaps, they feel lucky!

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