Premature Face Makeover

Cute little girl, a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover, gets it decorated during Fête Nationale.
Cute little girl, a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover, gets it decorated by nice lady during
Quebec’s annual Fête Nationale holiday.


Cute little girl is a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover however, she isn’t having one done yet instead the nice lady is face painting her during Quebec’s annual June 24th Fête Nationale.

Never-the-less, this seemingly innocent exercise to decorate the little girl’s face is actually programming her for when she turns into a nice mature lady needing a facial makeover to “look good”.

Children are like “sponges” absorbing information, learning from their parents and their friends about the world around them which requires coaching from caring, responsible, parents to ensure their proper development.

According to what sites on Internet say, applying make-up is cumbersome and painstaking and gets even harder doing it yourself therefore, finding a “professional” helps a lot.

Again, this applies only to self use of various cosmetics, lotions, potions, hair dyes, hair removal, hair trimming, and hair styling which most women can handle and have some expertise however, there is also an industry, where licensed medical professionals do their “magic” with cosmetic surgery.

Face lifts (rhytidectomy), where effects of gravity, sun exposure and daily stress is surgically addressed by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, and re-draping facial and neck skin.

Visible signs of aging seems to be erased however, this is only temporarily because time is a relentless foe.

Another surgical procedure involving the eyes (blepharoplasty) more specifically, the area surrounding them, where wrinkles and sagging “bags” are corrected by careful removal of extra fat and loose skin.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PREMATURE”.