Retrospective Seven Plus



In retrospective of seven plus years WP Daily Post word prompt has existed here is a smidgen of my over 800 posts through all these quickly evaporated years.

It has been fun participating in these daily word prompt challenges against the whole globe of more talented bloggers and a joy getting wonderful comments in response proving I have succeeded getting your attention in writing that post.

My tiny video is a collection of random images from posts done during those seven plus years, I hope you enjoy my creativity making it.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”RETROSPECTIVE”.

2 thoughts on “Retrospective Seven Plus

  1. Enjoyed your creativity. It is much beyond my means!! I do not have 800 posts from The Daily Post, but I did find I was addicted. In fact I was so addicted to starting my morning off with it, I thought I would try?

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    I hope you don’t find me pushy… It’s not meant to be.

    Just an invitation…

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