Final Bouquet

Era ends with final bouquet for WP weekly photo challenge, and word prompt, designed to stimulate blogging.
Final bouquet as proverbial curtain comes down signaling summation to WP staff effort designed to stimulate blogging, an end of an era.

Final bouquet for over seven years of WP weekly photo challenges as proverbial curtain comes down signaling summation of much fine work by all participants during this era.

I enjoyed every moment being a participant-contributor ever since WP staffers began this wonderful exercise allowing everyone a chance to create and exhibit their work afterwards, being critiqued by the world.

Moreover, a final (flower) bouquet for WP single word prompt, which I will also miss as another platform for my creativity where again I’ve worked hard to meld both visual and written content matching the daily requirement.

Since the Internet encompasses our globe I’ve had visitors from almost every corner viewing by humble blog site some becoming regular customers who’ve joined my growing fan club.

I am very grateful for the visits and especially the comments by some who took the time to express their thoughts and appreciation for my contribution to it all. Thank you all!

Although this WP input designed to stimulate blogging ends I will continue finishing my backlog of undone word prompts afterwards, my goal is to concentrate on a few specific themes you enjoyed.

Thank you WP staff, for your excellent “All-Time Favorites”, these are wonderful pictures, and also your super efforts in fulfilling your mission (mission accomplished!) to stimulate blogging, Bravo!

One of my all-time favorites is this picture of Urban Science Brass Band member, whose smile says it all.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ALL-TIME FAVORITES”.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Cee Neuner. They are nice flowers although I don’t have a clue about their name!

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