Famous Name

World's most famous search engine name Google is now multi-billion$ corporation calling itself Alphabet.
Google is a real famous name company that has morphed into Alphabet, a three-quarter of trillion-dollar corporation leveraging its massive data base to fund acquisitions of key technology companies.


Today’s Internet’s probably most famous entity and search engine is Google whose real name is Alphabet, a multi-billion$ technology giant, the proverbial elephant in the room.

Alphabet’s greatest talent is sucking up personal information and repackaging it to sell stuff making it over three-quarters of a trillion dollars according latest tally.

This innovative company has over the years dabbled in a lot new technology after acquiring a list of specialized outstanding companies into its fold which has helped make it the uber rich corporation.

According to one Internet source, very recently it has been given “carte blanche” to experiment in Toronto, where it will conjure up a modern new “mini city” to see how allegedly, their data goldmine  can improve life for everyone.

They are to spend about 50 million$ for this stuff, which includes basic, ordinary, city responsibilities like garbage collection, street safety, and efficient public transit.

The company is to show that it can provide these city services to everyone, all citizens, nobody is to be excluded in this mini city (a tiny special section of metropolis Toronto).

Sidewalk Labs, Alphabet’s urban experimental division, will run the show engaging with community policy makers, city leaders, academics, mass media, and activists perhaps, maybe even ordinary citizens.

My picture depicts Montreal downtown Google offices located a corner of Saint Catherine street and McGill College, just a short walk down from famous McGill University’s Roddick Gates.

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