Archaic Grinding

Archaic grinding wheel replaced by more efficient, cleaner, safer machined metal with electronically bonded abrasive version.
Archaic grinding wheel era eclipsed by 21st century, more efficient, machined metal with electronically bonded abrasive version that is cleaner looking, less polluting, healthier, and much safer.



Era of archaic grinding wheel is eclipsed by 21st century technology version that is more efficient, cleaner looking, less polluting, much healthier, and safer.

Until recently and even now old style aluminium oxide chemically bonded grit based grinding wheel were the norm for fast removal of metal using hand-held portable machines or stationary types depicted.

These wheels wore down while being used disintegrating into a combination of grit particles, burnt bonding material, and very fine metal dust and fumes during the grinding operation.

Today, new type grinding wheels made using 21st century knowhow electronically bonds special new more harder, tougher, abrasives onto carefully machined perfectly balanced metal wheels.

These more better new wheels don’t disintegrate outlasting the old ones by eons meanwhile, allowing for very tidy and healthier conditions on the shop floor.

Recently, during annual SME sponsored trade show, MMTS, at Place Bonaventure I learned about this new technology called CBN an abbreviation for Cubic Boron Nitride, developed and registered by General Electric Company.

I learned all about CBN new grinding wheels from an exhibitor named Tradesman whose 180 grit product us depicted, check out the company’s youtube video link here.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ARCHAIC”.