Without Complication

Okuma Intelligent Technologies CNC OSP suite ensures easy and efficient operation without complication.
Okuma CNC OSP suite ensures easy, efficient operation without complication according to sales representative during recent MMTS when talking to potential customer.


Representative explains new Okuma CNC machine OSP suite touch panel to potential customer how it ensures easy and efficient operation without complication during recent MMTS at Place Bonaventure.

My picture depicts technical demonstration and sales pitch in action as Okuma representative, at
Montreal trade show, explains it all to interested industry individual inquiring about this system.

Apparently, this unit incorporates Okuma’s award-winning OSP suite, a combination of various software applications making CNC machining user intuitive, cost efficient, productive, and easily maintained for a long duration

The company’s Intelligent Technologies CNC machines use a touch technology panel designed for
modern 21st century shop floor that allows custom configuration for multiple users through OSP suite.

Documentation is digitally accessible on-screen regarding available, incorporated apps like Thermo-Friendly Concept, Collision Avoidance System, Machining Navi, and 5-Axis Auto Tuning System.

These special app widgets and shortcuts help resolve shop floor problems keeping things humming efficiently, smoothly, and without complication.

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