Old Brands Disappear

Underwood typewriter is one of important old brands and techology to disappear before 21st century.
Old brands and technology disappear daily meanwhile, new digital stuff based on California’s Silicon Valley’s research in IT and now AI gallops forwards filling the void.

Old brands and their technology disappear everyday while brand spanking new digital ones constantly invented on research done in California’s Silicon Valley’s IT now increasingly AI continue to fill void.

Underwood typewriter depicted sitting on asphalt under bright sunny sky used to be an important invention facilitating writing for business, industry, and general public that vanished before 21st century.

Previously all writing was hand writing except for that done by big printing presses churning out books and newspapers where print was still manually positioned with limited mechanical help.

Founded in 1895 by John Thomas Underwood whose family was already involved with typewriters made by Remington as a supplier of typewriter ribbon and carbon paper.

John Thomas Underwood became a competitor to Remington in 1896 after losing supplying contract meanwhile, about same time German-American Franz Xaver Wagner showed his newly invented typewriter machine to John.

Shrewd Underwood immediately bought Wagner’s company understanding its potential and building on it that by 1939, the new company had produced five million machines.

WW2 temporarily converted typewriter assembly line into mass production of M1 Carbines to help war effort arming Americans short of M1 Garand rifles and Thompson submachineguns.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DISAPPEAR”.