Unknown Pedigree

Two little, uncertain ,unknown pedigree puppies that look like Terriers are instead stuffed animals.
Although real looking and of uncertain, unknown pedigree these two “Terrier ” puppies are instead exhibits at local flea market situated in Saint Eustache, north of Montreal.


Two little puppies of uncertain ,unknown pedigree seem ready to be your friend if only they were real instead these two guys are exhibits at flea market in Saint Eustache, a town north of Montreal.

Manufactured stuffed animals some that look real like these two “Terrier” doggies are mass-produced most in the far east primarily in China and sold at big chain toy stores.

They certainly look adorable and cuddly momentarily allowing you to believe they are real awaiting your affection however, after picking them up you quickly realize you were dreaming.

In real life, there really are animals as cute as these guys, who really need someone to take care and love them, these may be found at your local SPCA, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

A group of prominent citizens founded the Montreal branch in 1869 in response to improving the conditions regarding the miserable abuse of work horses, the primary means of transporting goods and people on land.

Treatment of these poor animals by some included constant beating, use of substandard, worn, or defective harnesses causing pain from sores, lameness, overloading cargo, overwork, and starvation.

After affecting improvements for these animals the organization expanded its looking after other types of common animals such as canines, cats, and birds.

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