Thin Wall Plastic

Thin wall plastic products are possible and relatively easily manufactured using 3D printer fed by spooled thermo-plastic wire.
Thin wall plastic 3D printer products line Proto3000 booth’s sky-blue color polyester cloth covered table during 2018 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) at Place Bonaventure.


Thin wall plastic 3D printer products line sky-blue color polyester cloth-covered table of Proto3000 booth during 2018 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) at Place Bonaventure last week.

The annual MMTS is Quebec’s leading manufacturing event where manufacturing companies and supplies both local as well as international show their latest technology wares as exhibits.

Each year this show sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) helps promote innovation in industry through technology allowing both insiders and the general public to witness its new advances.

The use of 3D printing in industry continues to make great strides going places that seemed once impossible without great expense, sacrifices and effort particularly in the aero-space and commodities fields.

Presently, two types of 3D printing are really moving one is using plastics and composite materials the other is with metals including some exotic types of metals.

Shown are some complicated items possible and relatively easy to manufacture using thermoplastic wire on spool and inexpensive 3D printing.

Another field 3D printing is presently picking up speed is bio-technology used in human organ replacement research as well as certain medical devices for surgery etc.

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