Awkward Made Easy

In comparison with using special holed table awkward welding work is hard instead of being made easy.
Awkward welding work is made easy using special table incorporating multitudes of equal size holes used to anchor special jigs and fixtures with clamps to secure things down.


Awkward is made easy using this specially designed and manufactured table where setting up welding work requires a minimum of effort for quality production.

In comparison trying to weld this particular work would be time-consuming perhaps, require multiple jigs and fixtures that may not provide enough accuracy for final assembly creating problems such as misalignment of parts and warping.

After raw pipe is pre-cut,  positioned, and clamped down in proper position allowing arc welding to be done by professionals.

This special table is designed for all types of securing with special clamps and jigs anchored to table using the holes just like this work.

It is also mobile because its legs sit on rollers bolted to it allowing the whole works to be moved out of way if required in shop.

Lastly, this table is specially heat-treated to be tough and strong resisting cracking from metal work stresses, it is also corrosion resistant needing no paint finish.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”AWKWARD”.