Watch Core

Mechanical watch core magnified appears large on computer screen connected to Leica brand digital optical comparator-microscope.
Magnified watch core inner mechanism appears large on computer screen compared to tiny unit on tray of Leica brand digital high-tech comparator-microscope.


Magnified watch core inner mechanism image appears large on computer screen next to high-tech German produced Leica brand special digital high-tech comparator-microscope at Opti-Tech booth during MMTS at Place Bonaventure.

The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) which runs from May 14 through to May 16, 2018 is an annual event organized and put on by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

Leica is a well-known German optics company world famous for its excellent cameras however, like many other long-established, similar industry, international, companies they have expanded their product lines to manufacture high-tech equipment for 21st century industry and medical fields.

Opti-Tech is the official Canadian distributor of Leica optical products additionally, they also licensed distributors of several other well-known Japanese optical company brands products.

I was told that this particular Leica product, as it was setup, is capable showing in real-time, the watch mechanism in live action (working) something that can be captured as video for viewing later.

Visiting this booth I personally witnessed, first, by viewing through the microscope that tiny watch in action and later, the same on the color computer screen.

Moreover, sections of the image, on-screen, can have color added to hi-light and better define certain components making it easier to spot and segregate defects etc.

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