Liquid Refreshment

Liquid refreshment like depicted is a must at events or entertainment venues held outdoors during hot summer weather.
Water is liquid refreshment we could not survive without particularly during hot summer weather
especially when travelling to events or entertainment venues held outdoors.


Liquid refreshment is always in demand at events or venues during long hot summer that is if you are fortunate having some nice weather in these times of climate change.

Assuming odds are in our favor scenes like this one will happen and what is better than clean, pure, ice-cold bottle of water, the liquid we would not survive without on planet Earth.

This picture depicts a young woman buying a clear plastic bottle of water from an employee of one of those fast-food trucks during the annual West Island Blues Festival.

Allegedly, the water is bottled spring water from several springs that big international companies such as for example Nestles from Switzerland, extract for a very little cost and sell it world-wide for big profits.

The bottle this fellow is holding is probably not the Nestles water product only a competitor’s spring water product however, they are similar looking with similar liquid at similar, familiar price.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”LIQUID”.

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