Prickly Bubble

Allium, large prickly looking, bubble shaped herbs of onion or garlic-scented Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) genus family are Bumble bee favorites.
Bumble bee loves visiting prickly looking, greyish-violet Allium bubble extracting nectar, picking up some pollen, and water while shopping around from flower to flower.


Bumble bee loves visiting prickly looking greyish-violet bubble to extract nectar for its hive meanwhile, picking up some pollen and water while doing its shopping around from flower to flower.

Allium is the prickly looking bubble-shaped flower which happens to be just one of about 500 species that also includes the onion and garlic families.

This diversified plant genus includes both ornamentals as well as vegetables and is found all over the globe with exception of Australia and New Zealand.

These genus Amaryllis perennial plants grow well in full sun and require good drainage other than that average soil is fine as long as moisture is controlled moreover, little or no maintenance is required.

Planting is usually in the fall when leaves are falling from trees, right up to Thanksgiving as long as the ground is not frozen.

Bumble bees are North American natives from the genus Bombus are considered crucial pollinators because most flowering plants depend on them, their total value to Canadian agriculture is estimated near $1 billion.

They have large 13–25 mm long black and yellow bubble-shaped hairy exterior, special pollen sacks on  their hind legs, and clear wings with black veins, they also are armed with smooth stinger for defense.

Apparently, these little fellows use ultraviolet light to see and are especially attracted to violet and blue hue flowers in certain flower patterns as my picture attests.

The massive use of pesticides and insecticides for agriculture along with dramatically changing environment through native vegetation being replaced by exotic garden plants, parasites and viruses have critically affected our homegrown pollinator populations placing them near extinction.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BUBBLE”.