Survivor Testimony Astonish

Chornobyl cleanup survivor personal experience testimony astonish Bell CTV 12 news camera crew.
Chornobyl destroyed reactor disaster cleanup survivor personal experience testimony astonish TV interviewer as well as his cameraman and hired interpreter.

Chornobyl destroyed reactor disaster cleanup survivor on TV testimony astonish interviewer as well as station camera operator, and hired language interpreter.

This on-camera interview of one of the remaining Chornobyl cleanup crew aka “liquidators” survivors by Bell’s CTV channel 12 happened last April 26, 2016 inside Montreal’s Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral after a solemn mass for victims of this great misfortune.

It was Chornobyl’s 30th anniversary and our CTV crew arrived to record some footage inside the great church for Montrealer’s 11 o’clock hour news when someone informed the crew that several actual survivors were attending this solemn religious service.

In 1986 the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear power station’s late shift technical staff began conducting a “routine” nuclear power safety test around midnight when a technician made a fatal mistake resulting in a nuclear core meltdown and vicious explosion destroying the reactor and sending radio isotopes into atmosphere.

In the immediate aftermath Moscow kept the disaster news secret from its own citizens and outside world until Swedish nuclear experts raised the alarm after detecting an unusual amount to radioactivity coming from Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, Moscow made massive call up of thousands of conscripted military and firefighters to cleanup radioactive debris and also prevent a “China syndrome” happening.

Although rare, a “China syndrome” is where the already melted reactor core material burns through reactor’s thick, heavy, stainless-steel floor escaping and reaches the water table below ground results in an even greater nuclear catastrophe.

The interviewed survivor gave an eye-witness account of what really went on when he was forced helping in the cleanup and being personally exposed to intense radio-activity fortunately, he survived unlike many of his buddies, who later died from radiation induced cancers.

He explained that those initially rushed in had little to absolutely no warning about what awaited them.

These brave men went to their deaths because Moscow failed to warn them and provide any protection against intense radiation that is invisible yet deadly having no smell or taste.

While many were dying, in Moscow for Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev and ComParty it was business as usual.

What really astonishes me is 31 years after this terrible tragedy our own mass media remains silent about it pretending it never happened heck, have you heard even scant mention of Chornobyl lately?

Our controlled mass media instead wants us to believe that dangerous, scary, white supremacists live amongst us, that Donald Trump is complicit in (you fill in the blank space), and Canadians will be smoking legal weed to be sold at the corner store this summer heck, what more important issues can you have!

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