Enough For Tantrum

Overwhelmed by Mother Nature's prolonged, intensely cold winter with freezing rain is enough for a temper tandrum.
Prolonged, intensely cold, snowy winter weather interspersed with periods of wet freezing rain that coats everything with sheet of ice is enough for some to throw a temper tantrum.


Our recent past prolonged intensely cold snowy winter interspersed with periods of wet freezing rain coating everything with sheet layer of ice is enough make some of us throw a temper tantrum.

Although this type of emotional outburst is something small children are adept at to get immediate attention from their overprotective “helicopter” parents, even adults can have an emotional breakdown when overwhelmed my Mother Nature’s power.

When adults break down however, they don’t have mommy around to comfort them, to assure them that it’s all temporary and everything will be all right.

This past miserable winter never seemed to end and even today there exists some semblance of it with all that wet weather with high wind gusts some places experiencing extreme conditions including tornadoes.

I’m optimistically awaiting the good stuff, warm, sunny weather with a touch of overcast, and hope it happens soon or else I’ll..well you know..cry!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TANTRUM”