Abrupt End

Great War lethal metal debris guaranteed to bring an abrupt end (death) to young men hiding in trenches.
An abrupt end (death) guaranteed on WW1 battlefields from lethal metal debris like depicted because of concentrated fire from massed heavy field artillery and mortars by all sides.


Your abrupt end (death) guaranteed during worst barrages of World War 1 through use by all sides of concentrated fire  from massed heavy field artillery and mortars.

Called the “Great War”, the one that was to end all wars, by our grandfathers it brought us the horrors of twentieth century hell on Earth for the first time.

Considering all the lethal debris flying around when tons of shells exploded amongst the unfortunate young men trying to hide from it in trenches it’s amazing anyone survived.

This picture depicts some of the types of metal objects violently expelled by explosions during the barrages of shells arching in on unfortunate front liners, shown are chunks of exploded shells and ball-bearing shrapnel they carried inside.

It is little wonder that many combatants remains are still missing when their mortal bodies were destroyed by lethal metal shards and balls, like the depicted, slicing through the air.

The picture is of artifacts collected from battlefields of WW1 and on exhibit at the Canadian War Museum in Canada’s capitol Ottawa.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ABRUPT”.

3 thoughts on “Abrupt End

  1. I agree. When I visited Ypres, it really brought home how horrible the great war was. I think is is a place everyone should go.

    1. War is hell brought on to exterminate or maim generations of young men and now women too, all in order to make international banks and friends(certain politicians and businessmen) massive fortunes.

      I am glad you had the opportunity to visit Ypres and the glimpse of where hell happened. Thank you Kelly Mackay for your wonderful comment!

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