Fountain Genie

Blue-colored water erupts from fountain like genie escaping Aladdin's Arabian ornate brass lamp to tower over all.
Blue-colored water erupts from fountain like Aladdin’s genie escaping lamp almost reaching ceiling above above huge atrium of Montreal’s Complex Desjardins.huge atrium of Montreal’s Complex Desjardins.

Centered in the middle of Montreal’s downtown Complex Desjardins huge atrium is home of its blue-colored water fountain that erupts at timed intervals like some genie out of its lamp almost reaching the ceiling above.

As my picture depicts, the blue-colored thin spear-like jet of water that is lit up by special lighting looks like a giant natural gas flame or that famous, mythical, genie escaping Aladdin’s Arabian ornate brass lamp to tower over all.

In the background looking straight past the dark-blue banner in front of very large window, looms Place-des-Arts and its Cartier-des-Spectacles where Montreal holds its annual International Jazz Festival.

The Complex Desjardins is a massive modern architectural marvel sporting several levels of stores as well as three towers and an international hotel, it also is inter-connected to Montreal’s underground and Metro (subway) system.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GENIE”.