Deplete Critical Thought

Hare Krishnas (IsKCON) a pagan, mono-deity, cult systematically deplete devotee's critical thought.
Hare Krishnas officially known as IsKCON systematically deplete followers critical thinking ability after ensnaring them in cunning spider’s nest.

Hare Krishnas officially known as IsKCON systematically deplete their followers ability to critically think after ensnaring them in a cunning “spider’s nest” as one ex-follower described it.

It is diabolically organized to catch and drain recruits before they realize their predicament, afterwards many end up morally and physically spent, miserable, without family, friends, and nobody to turn to and usually in hopeless poverty.

In 1966 during the height of the infamous Hippie movement a new immigrant to the USA, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, created this cult based on pagan east-Indian idol worship.

During the late sixties and nineteen seventies the cult, a popular counter-culture icon, attracted many including some noted celebrities like Beatles’ George Harrison. His “My Sweet Lord” is the Krishnas’ mantra that followers spend two hours minimum repeating each day praising Krishna, the top-level god of their myriad of lesser gods.

Orange robes and shaved heads became every air traveller’s nightmare because of their presence at airports bouncing and chanting, begging for donations, and passing around Swami Prabhupada’s “Krishna Godhead” pamphlets.

When Hare Krishnas’ following grew mainstream, its profile faded from American memory hitting downward spiral with child physical and sexual abuse scandal followed by mail fraud and racketeering topped by the murders of two devotee followers of new, esteemed, “New Vrindaban” leader Kirtanananda Swami of West Virginia.

Krishnas communes, where devotees gather to worship giving temple all earnings, are also where their children are raised while adults invade airports, malls, and city streets chanting et al.

The information shared is based on limited Internet research and may not reflect present day situation regarding movement.

My picture is of a small, local, Krishna group on street corner of Saint Catherine during the 2017 annual Montreal Just-For-Laughs Festival.

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