Thwart Government Carbon Tax

Thwart government "carbon tax" with luxury six horse power four wheel drive.
Thwart government “carbon tax” with this six horse powered, environment friendly, non-petroleum guzzling, four wheel drive luxury transportation.

Six horse powered environment friendly transportation that will thwart Detroit and foreign automobile manufacturers petroleum-guzzling products.

The people riding this baby are proof that luxury and convenience are not sacrificed as the international automobile cartel would like to claim.

Four wheel, comfortable ride, cushy seats, lots of family room, white-walls, color-coordinated two-tone finish with high quality solid chassis and as a bonus it’s a topless!

Detroit and the foreigners charge extra just for our bonus however, there is even more because you also get at no extra charge steel belted all-season sporty spoked white-wall wheels coordinated with a heavy-duty suspension and much more!

Think of all the money you will save not buying gas, regular engine tune-ups, fluids like motor, transmission, power steering, or brake oil or even windshield washer liquid.

You get six yes, six-horse power transportation internally integrated with very reliable transmissions coordinated to ensure problem free travelling even cross-country*!

Finally, we also supply all required harnesses and trim at no extra cost, so what are you waiting for.. get down to your dealer soon and remember if you do, you can also thwart the government collecting “carbon tax”!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”THWART”.

* May need some extras, talk to your dealer today.