Barely Luminescent

Barely luminescent area after WWI battle scene shows burnt forest trees,   pock-holes, dead, and war debris.
Stark reality of WWI post battle, barely luminescent scene of forest area reduced to smoking charcoal sticks, pock-holes, dead, and war debris.

Stark reality of WWI post battle barely luminescent scene of what was forest now just smoking charcoal sticks of trees sheltering stagnant water artillery shell pock-holes, dead, and assorted war debris.

My image taken in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, depicts an exhibit of an eerie, surreal, typical, WWI battle area after an artillery barrage.

Despite many saying that WWI, the “Great War”, was the war to end all wars because of the horrendous carnage, destruction, and immense suffering, war still exists.

Both militaries and civilians endured terrible times yet war continues today around the globe in Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, just to name a few.

All wars, are banker’s wars, because behind the scenes, massive fortunes are made through money transactions heck, war costs money and greedy international banks finance war materiel, militaries and also post-war reconstruction.

Bankers are very happy to loan money at high interest to aggressors,”rebels”, and sovereign countries defending themselves.

The two major wars of the last century were fomented not by ideologies, nationalism, or race instead these were used as pretexts or excuses to start the wars.

Careful research shows the behind the scenes work international bankers did to ensure war happened to help install political pawns favorable to the banking cartel while ridding their enemies.

Today, our world is again being prepared for major war, WW3, hopefully not nuclear because a radioactive world is a dead world needing no money!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LUMINESCENT”.