Not Awakening

Mooshy cat definitely not awakening preferring comfortable sleep on bed.

Moosh definitely not awakening from comfortable sleep on bed instead enjoying his beauty rest casting aside all cat worries.

Moosh is definitely not awakening from this comfortable bed, at least not immediately, instead preferring to sleep some more.

Dead to the world, Mooshy seems to be enjoying his beauty rest casting aside whatever worries a cat may have however, don’t fool yourself because despite appearances he is always alert to danger.

His radar ears, in this case one of his ears, are constantly scanning for unfamiliar noises to instantly warn him to react if required.

Although he is gone now for several years my picture reminds me how it was with the Moosh having his nap on the bed enjoying not awakening until he wanted to.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”AWAKENING”.

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