Faceless Jazz Fan

Faceless Jazz fan standing at back end, blending in crowd enjoying West Trainz.
Faceless Jazz fan appears plain looking, just a face in the crowd, with ordinary glasses and disheveled hair accompanied by woman, both blending in.


Nobody knows who those faceless figures like this man are, who appear as a simple looking Jazz fan, or why they sometimes turn up at high-profile events.

Fortunately, they can be deciphered despite their clever attempts at disguising self, looking ordinary, blending and mingling in mixed crowd of international tourists and locals.

Marriam-Webster definitions of faceless are: anonymous, unidentified, incognito, lacking character or individuality, nondescript, and capable to avoid detection.

He appears plain-looking, just a face in the crowd, with ordinary glasses and disheveled hair accompanied by a woman, who probably is his wife or maybe a girl friend, also trying to blend in.

Unless we are mistaken, this fan is non-other than Hollywood mogul, blockbuster movie producer, Steven Spielberg, then again, he may be just a look-alike, a “replicant”, clone, or a double, who happens to live in Montreal?

After carefully screening images I took back in 2015, I noticed this very familiar face standing in back of the crowd watching/listening to the West Trainz gang during Montreal International Jazz Festival.

West Trainz was a mobile troupe that played a unique blend of “railway” music while travelling around everyday at a prescribed time on a golf-cart propelled “train” of wheeled carts .

When I first  picked it out or noticed that face in 2015 it didn’t occur to me who he may be, I failed to check him out until last week.

While checking Google Images, I did a comparison and got a match heck, so I’m not surprised if this may be the “real McCoy”.

As matter fact I’ve already spotted at least two other Hollywood types at the Jazz Festival before, one I met on Saint Catherine street face-to-face.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FACELESS”.