Foreign Agent


Foreign Agent, my mashup of Krushchev-Brezhnev military/spying footage brings back an earlier, seemingly more tame cold war era.


Traces of foreign agent disseminated Soviet-era nerve agent in town of  Salisbury  almost took the lives of three people in the UK.

Ex-Soviet intelligence operative turned double-agent Sergei and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, remain in critical but stable condition in hospital.

Det Sgt Nick Bailey, who fell ill attending the pair was once in very serious  condition is now recovered at home.

Since these events happened in early March over 150 Russian embassy staff across the globe were expelled by at least twenty-five host countries.

After careful reading of methodically gathered proof each country concluded Vladimir Putin’s asymmetric war with West has gone too far.

New evidence including statements by a former Soviet-era chemical weapons scientist Vladimir Uglev contradicts Kremlin denials at existence of “novichok” nerve agents.

Weapons developer, Uglev, says the same type poison, called “foliant”, figured in the ruthless 1995 murders of banker Ivan Kivelidi and his secretary.

Moreover, several other similar deaths of people, scientists, involved with the development of this toxin are on record.

The USA enacted the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in 1938 requiring persons acting as agents of foreign countries in a political or quasi-political capacity.

Anyone or agent entity must register within period of ten days before working (activities) for foreign principal otherwise, they are liable for severe penalties.

An example of an agent entity is Kremlin-funded news channel RT(Russia Today), which registered as a foreign agent in US.

They claim to provide a “Russian viewpoint” on world news events however, according to Western intelligence sources, it is simply a propaganda department for Putin’s Russian government, whose news coverage “goes beyond objective journalism”.

Betrayal  is ‘unforgivable’ according to a timely interview with president Putin, willing to forgive some things, “but not everything”!

The trail of dead since becoming Russian president is extraordinary with seemingly no end in sight while the West dithers trying to appease Russia.

Thinking back, it mirrors Stalinist or even prewar Hitler’s Nazi times.

My five-minute long mashup of Khrushchev-Brezhnev military/spying footage brings back an earlier, seemingly more tame cold war era.

Back then, we knew the bad guys, checked their espionage activities, and had no slanted RT TV  (propaganda) news programs beamed on our TVs.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FOREIGN”.