Incubate Evil

Liberal progressives incubate evil by conditioning society in accepting lies.
Liberals incubate evil through mass media and government control following diabolical script conditioning society in accepting deception as truth.

Liberals continue to incubate the death syndrome through their evil control of modern mass media and government engaged in conditioning minds to accept their “truth”.

Sometimes things feel like a diabolical script is being followed the way our world has morphed into what we have now and it continues.

AI, autonomous killer automatons, atom bomb, assassinations(biologicals, chemicals, radioactive isotopes),  cloning, custom opioids, drugs, ethnic cleansing, medical gender re-assignments, sex-doll brothels, Satanic noise(  much of modern music), Satanic literature (wizards and witches, futuristic Godless worlds etc.), and outright devil worship(church of Satan) have become the stark norm.

Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to contribute steadily churning out a stream of filth composed of lies, half-truths, and propaganda carefully mixed in with gore, mass murder, and perverted sex disguised as entertainment.

It also embellishes and maintains a cult of Godless, rich, celebrities (“stars”) to be adored and worshiped like demigods by a conforming, hapless, mostly uneducated populous.

Ever since the beginning of the twentieth century certain international, mostly Liberal, secret societies(April 27,1961 John F. Kennedy), bent on attaining total power and control have schemed on ways to achieve that end.

The evolution of modern mass media in its new forms such as video, TV, Internet, cell phone communication derivatives has provided an incredible amount of control over humanity beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

The Internet remains a twisted psyops operation, carefully planned programming ensures your search ends up with what they want you to find meanwhile, they create your digital profile to be exploited.

Moreover, as a prize they throw in a few unexpected morsels of “interesting” information to be found helping to mess with your thinking when you fail in your search.

This however, vastly enriches those controlling the Web through selling ads based on targeting the profiled.

Psychological conditioning by our “real news” media continues methodically to acquaint us with planned societal changes our cynical, “democratically” elected leaders intend to spring allegedly for our benefit.

Every other day legislation gets drafted and “progressive” laws passed steadily nibbling away more of our inherited constitutional rights in the name of public good.

“Terminally Ill Minor Granted Euthanasia” blatantly reads the news headline informing readers that it happened in Belgium the only country to allow “mercy killing” with no age restrictions after passing Child Euthanasia Bill 03:03.

Fortunately, the applicant/patient must prove a sound mind and must show that they want death but are nor suicidal according to doctor Wim Distelmans, Belgium’s Federal Control and Evaluation Committee on Euthanasia chairperson.

Despite few children having asked to be “mercy killed” nevertheless, according to the news report, Distelmans adds: “that does not mean we should deny them the right to a (dignified) death”.

How benevolent, heart warming, and humanitarian, to hear such wonderful reassurance.

“Tired of life” guarantees you “dignified” death in Liberal Netherlands, progressives there want a “tired of life” pill created and available to general public regardless whether healthy or not!

Many people fear the more vulnerable may be coerced into the decision especially if ill and unable to afford their food, housing or healthcare..hmm, governments do have massive financial deficits, what better way to..

In 1969 during the reign of “charismatic” Pierre Eliot Trudeau in Canada, his Liberals decriminalized contraception and allowed abortion under “certain circumstances”.

This opened the door for abortions in hospitals after doctor committees gave green light allegedly should a woman’s life be in danger.

Naturally, court challenges by “activists” supposedly sympathetic of “women’s reproductive rights” suddenly appeared and by Jan. 28, 1988 the Liberal dominated Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law as unconstitutional.

The claim was that a woman’s right to life is more important than the unborn perhaps, because the fetus never voted Liberal then again, it never was given that chance to!

The icing on the cake is July 1, 2008 when Dr. Henry Morgantaler, a former Nazi death camp survivor turned Canada abortion law instigator-leader, gets the Order of Canada for his good work exterminating perhaps thousands of “worthless” babies!

Fast forwards, June 16, 2016, another Trudeau Liberal government overwhelmingly passes Canada’s “assisted dying” Bill C-14 law based on the Supreme Court’s “Carter Decision”.

Apparently, spinal stenosis victim Kay Carter, who forced the court decision, was euthanized in Switzerland in 2010 before her benevolent Liberal B.C. Civil Liberties Association legal crew won her case.

If asked most Liberal progessives want to live autonomous lives meanwhile, tolerating abortion and assisted suicide under certain circumstances.

The Bible, a resource few Liberals ever refer to, however, says “Man is made in God’s image” and it matters not how sick, poor, or damaged we are.

It is imperative that this fundamental principal is applied to our supposed enlightened, secular, society because otherwise, like those famous lemmings following their leaders over the cliff our destiny is the Abyss.

It seemed easier to start with the very young, best at birth(abortion) for German doctors when Adolph Hitler and Nazis won political power in Germany in 1933 and it was.

Next, came mandatory sterilization, then “mercy killing” of cripples and defective “worthless eater” Germans under “certain circumstances” later on that was relaxed superseded with THE FINAL SOLUTION, exterminating Jews and other undesirable groups.

We must remember the concept NAZIS used to justify medical killings was “lebensunwertes Leben” translated “life unworthy of life”, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The Nazis simply mirrored their mentors, the Communists, and both are mere reflections of each other, tentacles of an existing, camouflaged, evil, global bureaucracy of deception designed for and engaged in the systematic annihilation of our human race.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”INCUBATION”.