Identical Things

Small identical plastic things rest on exhibitor's table next to 3D printer.
Small identical plastic things, some different color,   along with MakerBot Repicator machine populate  an exhibitor’s table

Small identical plastic things, some a different color, populate this exhibitor’s table next to a MakerBot Repicator machine.

Our 21st century now hosts many previously sc-fi dreams that morphed into reality, one of these being 3D printing.

The scene is from May 2016 SME sponsored Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show inside Place Bonaventure.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) annually puts on these types of shows in certain cities both in Canada and USA.

The shows are predominately held in USA because of its larger industrial base and bigger market, and also this organization  established and remains headquartered in the states.

According to one source, an industrial metal 3D printer can set you back a minimum USD $100,000.00 however, that type is designed for commerce.

Most home 3D printing is with machines using plastic material filaments and the cost is usually under USD $1000.00.

These small non-industrial units have limited capability however, even they can probably make small identical parts within their capacity.

Some things that can be cloned using these 3D printers are: small toys, “GI Joe” type figurines, miniature models, tiny souvenirs, small working tools, small project prototypes, etc.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”IDENTICAL”.