Techno Noise

Techno noise fills air in famous Quartier-des-Spectacles during 2017 Just-for- Laughs Festival.
Techno noise fills air near small Loto-Quebec stage during annual Montreal Just-for-Laughs Festival in July 2017.

Techno noise fills air near the small Loto-Quebec during stage during annual Montreal Just-for-Laughs Festival while mixed group perform.

Around the stage a small crowd of mostly international tourists and some locals either stand or sit on the huge steps of front entrance to Place-des-Arts building.

This festival like the Montreal International Jazz Festival happened in the famous Quartier-des-Spectacles making it easy for visitors to find.

The scene is from last summer, 2017 on a nice bright sunny day in late July.

As my picture shows the group on stage consists of six young women dancing around while guy with a portable mic sings or perhaps  does rap , the”modern music”, what I refer to as noise fills the air.

Similar to the Jazz fest Montreal has free outdoor events and paid indoor shows where famed performers do their shtick.

To me it makes sense to have comedians perform indoors to a captive audience tuned in to their kind of entertainment devoid of any distractions the outdoor may have.

The outdoors stuff is just mass entertainment, not necessarily related to what the festival is about for example, during the Jazz festival a lot of the music is not even jazz however, it is live and a lot of fun.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NOISE”.