Metallic Grasp

Metallic jaws methodically grasp rubble of old Montreal Woolworth department   store.
Metallic jaws methodically grasp rubble from torn down old, derelict, Woolworth department store building located at famous Montreal street corner.

Metallic jaws methodically grasp rubble from old derelict Woolworth department store building located at corner of Saint Catherine street and Saint Laurent(Laurence) boulevard.

This scene is from 2017 when this site was swarmed by four mechanical shovels aided by several small quick mobile machines tearing down a derelict old building loading contents into a waiting line of dump trucks.

Apparently, the work done is part of CDN $130 million revamp of this historic St-Laurent Boulevard block.

Developer, Société de developpement Angus (SDA), envisions the project called Carré Saint-Laurent will have offices, businesses, and cultural organizations center during Phase 1.

The southern end of huge hole left by the demolition will morph into a six or seven story modern concrete, metal and glass office building housing hundreds of Quebec’s immigration department employees moreover, the first two floors of adjacent twelve story residential complex will also be done.

Phase 2 on the northern end of the block, will when completed be the residential member of the Carré Saint-Laurent project.

Final configuration was still in works regarding whether it would be a hotel or luxury private housing, also this project will include underground parking for about 200 vehicles.

There will however, remain a reminder of Montreal’s past nestled in this large complex, the iconic Café Cleopatra, a burlesque club operated and owned since 1976 by businessman Johnny Zomboulakis who refused selling his property to the developers.

The old building housing the strip club located on west side of Saint Laurent boulevard, its front facing east, sits right smack in the middle of project posing very interesting situation.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GRASP”.