Suddenly A White Contrail

Suddenly a white contrail appears in late autumn sky perhaps, the telltale sign of an incoming missile or MRV.
Suddenly a white contrail appears overhead a few minutes after sundown in frigid late autumn sky maybe it’s an incoming missile or MRV.

Suddenly a white contrail appears overhead a few minutes after sundown in the frigid late autumn sky.

The scene is a shopping center parking lot in Montreal’s West Island near highway 40 as I glanced up at the quickly darkening cloudless sky noticing what looks like telltale sign of an incoming missile or “strike first” nuclear MRV (multiple reentry vehicle).

Fortunately, it was neither however, in our enlightened, post-cold war, 21st century the unimaginable is possible while hatred exists and war is waged in many places across our globe.

“Have a plan and know what needs to be done can greatly help negate much of your anxiety” is the advice a leading nuclear expert gives.

On January 13, 2018 in Hawaii a mistaken nuclear alarm triggered panic, authorities in post-mortem after the all clear discovered most people would die if a real attack had happened.

Many didn’t have a clue where to go or what to do, confusion mixed with extreme fear, and pandemonium lasted the whole 38 minutes until authorities finally informed all that it was a false alarm.

Then again, a 20 kilotons Hiroshima type device epicenter for example, delivers an estimated 300,000°C fireball when ordinary funeral parlor body cremations need only 1,200°C to turn humans into 3.5 lbs of ashes.

Anyone caught in that area need not worry about survival anymore however, everyone else should know the warning “Don’t run. Get inside.”

Everybody should seek as much concrete, brick, soil, stone, and soil as possible between them and fireball and subsequent radioactive material outside if they want to survive.

Today, in our uncertain world where experts like late Dr. Hawking, billionaire Elon Musk, and others talk about populating Mars to survive WW3 coupled with our latest disturbing news about Putin’s Russia, the North Korea crisis etc., perhaps, we should take heed and prepare.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SUDDENLY”.