I’d Rather Be..Snoozing

Black and white cat probably would say I'd rather be.. snoozing.

Mr. T, a black and white, our guest, no doubt would say I’d rather be.. snoozing during day hours.

Mr. T resting comfortably, no doubt would say I’d rather be..snoozing during day partying at night.

Cats are hunters and enjoy evening hours reconnoitering their surroundings for prey, mostly rodents.

The black and white was our guest this past winter for about two months and after a few days familiarizing self with his new premises after arrival, found our spare room bed a great place to snooze.

Although he already had a nice comfortable commercial cat cot for sleeping which he initially used, the bed became his alternative snooze.

We enjoyed having our very friendly, guest snuggle-puss, who quickly became family and like being near us always checking up what we were doing hoping we would pet him.

He loved being pet and became famous for his loud and unusual purring, which we later found out was probably the result of once being hit by a car.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”I’D RATHER BE..”

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