Typical Chauvinist Snob

Typical Englishman chauvinist snob with pet pug projects perceived superiority.
Typical Englishman chauvinist snob head tilted, upturned long nose, with pet pug, stares at old Notre Dame Cathedral projecting perceived, superior, culture.

The typical Englishman chauvinist snob holds his pet pug in crook of his left arm meanwhile, staring at Notre Dame Cathedral diagonally across the street.

His uptilted head,  long upturned nose, and his stance seems designed to project a perceived, superior, culture reminiscent of the “uber alles” crowd.

This bronze sculpture is by noted Québécois artist Marc André Fortier installed at 500 Place D’Armes in old Montreal in 2013, on the south side of a commercial building.

It is just one of a pair of 7′ high bronze sculptures called The English Pug and the French Poodle.

A woman dressed in what seems Parisian quality, Chanel style, suit carries the poodle, both bronzes are on opposite sides of a modern style building.

These bronzes represent the “Two Solitudes” of Quebec displaying the cultural distance between English and French Canadians.

The dapper Englishman stares at Notre Dame Cathedral symbolizing the Catholic Church’s influence on French Canadians meanwhile, well dressed, shick, madame, his opposite, stares at the Bank of Montreal head office symbolizing English “old money” power in Quebec.

It is interesting to note that in the mean time the two pets are admiring each other ready to be best friends oblivious of their masters arrogance.

Inspiration for these bronzes is Canadian novelist Hugh MacLennan’s “Two Solitudes” and also the influence of the old Italian “Commedia dell’arte”.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TYPICAL”