Messy Delight

Cornwall style pasties can be messy food cut open however, a "fast food" delight eaten.
Cornwall style pasties can be messy food cut open however, a quick, hearty, bite delight when time is short.

These Cornwall style pasties can be messy food when cut open however, a delight to eat when time is short and you hunger for a quick hearty bite.

The Cornwall pasties probably were one of the original “fast foods” because they were food Cornish miners took with them while in copper and tin mine shafts.

These large pastry dumplings form a complete meal easily carried, in what have you, and eaten in the mines while still warm or cold.

Pasties were made tough also allegedly to withstand accidentally being dropped down a mine shaft and still remain intact.

Apparently, it’s all in the type of flour used that provides this strength, it must be made of “strong”, bread type, flour that may contain barley as per the original old recipes.

Another reason that gives strength or toughness  to keep what’s inside is their large, unique,  braid carefully crimped along  oval perimeter of their “D” shape.

Although this pastry originally required venison meat as a main ingredient, during many centuries various filling types were tried and are still being used.

Today, diced or minced beef, onion, potato, and “swede”(rutabaga) in rough chunks along with some light pepper like spice seasoning is the standard established for Cornwall style pasties and protected by EU law.

Depicted are  Elsmore brand, Cornwall style pasty cut up ,  meatless, vegetarian samples I had the opportunity to enjoy last December,10, 2017 and they were ..delicious!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MESSY”.