Out Of This World

Photo edited moldy grapefruits are a couple out of this world huge red planets in deep space.
Photo edited moldy grapefruits resemble couple out of this world huge red planets bathed by intense light of
supernova in deep space.


Two moldy grapefruits after a touch of photo editing resemble a couple out of this world huge red planets bathed by intense light of a supernova in deep space.

Grapefruits are something very familiar and a common citrus fruit found on North American breakfast tables.

Today scientists equipped with the latest technological equipment are busily involved exploring space trying to find other planetary systems or even hidden members of our own.

Each day we hear of the discovery of massive black holes or new galaxies light-years beyond our own galaxy being sucked into these holes afterwards emitting huge amounts of radiation and even their intense light like my super nova.

Despite all our technology we remain no further ahead with discovering those genius aliens allegedly out there waiting to make contact with us than we were when our scientific elite began their study of the stars.

Although many today claim there is no God and that it all began with that “Big Bang” we have to ask ourselves what is the origin of that cataclysmic explosion creating the universe?

Furthermore, if there truly are aliens out there who can journey to Earth do you really believe these beings need us or want to contact an inferior species like us, for what purpose?

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo contest:”OUT OF THIS WORLD”.

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  1. That is one porous object that can be a subject for future medical purposes. I doubt aliens will communicate with violent earthlings. Beam me out of here, please.

    1. Thank you for commenting.
      If you follow our mass media interviewing all those accredited scientific experts from famous universities you and I would be in the disgraced, evicted minority!

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