Constant Reminder

Notre Dame Cathedral is constant reminder of Quebec's Christian past.
Notre Dame Cathedral is a constant reminder of a bygone era, an earlier, gentler, Christian moment in time of our city and province’s history.

Notre Dame Cathedral located at Place D’Armes in old Montreal is a constant reminder of a bygone era, an earlier, gentler, Christian moment in time of our city and province’s history.

Until the early 1960’s in the province of Quebec the French population was the ethnic majority, mostly average, normal, honest, hardworking, Catholics, many with large families, who regularly attended Sunday services in numerous churches across the province including Montreal.

Historically, it was the Catholic Church that saved Quebec’s language and culture after the French defeat during the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham to English forces led by General Wolfe.

This fact was soon forgotten by Quebec’s monied elites, during the over 200 years, who kept busy finding ways to undermine the Church’s influence.

The election in 1976 of the Parti Québécois soon changed everything, creating today’s wanton, wretched, secularism making Notre Dame simply a foreign tourist attraction reminiscent of another socialist, nationalist experiment gone wrong, the former”workers paradise” called USSR, which had similar “museums”.

The so-called Quebec “Quiet Revolution” was planned and fomented by Quebec’s immoral, monied, secular, elites aided by international financiers greedily seeking to capitalize on province’s immense, mostly, unexploited, natural resources.

The shiny apple dangled by the cold, calculating, cunning, unscrupulous, Godless, secret society internationalists was promising a Hollywood “celebrities” life style.

They promoted easy fame, fortune, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, something they are still doing presently to our duped, TV and cellphone addicted North American society, under the “Kardashian” brand.

What they required from Quebec was to hand over of its keys and accept their dishonest financial terms and conditions for money loaned and removal of that trite, little, irritant, the Catholic Christian religion.

By conforming to their terms and conditions they promised help creating their new “utopia”, a new “improved” modern version of Quebec.

These terms were gleefully acceptable to Quebec’s Liberal elitists already breathlessly anticipating and envisioning their own profits from this treacherous, shady, deal.

The elites couldn’t care less about how Quebec would evolve as long as they got their nice slice of the pie meanwhile, getting help to destroy their longtime enemy, the Catholic Church, whose influence still hindered their corrupt ways.

Massive infusion of capital and control of media their new buddies, international finance, wielded soon helped create a poisonous atmosphere allowing the Parti Québécois to grab political power.

This accomplishment however,was nothing new for the same internationalist crowd already experienced and famous for setting up that other earlier utopia in 1917 while dealing with Christianity, the “opium of the people”.

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