Simplify Gelato

Well planned kiosk setup helps simplify Gelato ice cream sales during hot summer.
The Fairview Shopping Center kiosk setup is well planned helping simplify Gelato ice cream sales during the hot days of summer.

The well planned kiosk setup at the Fairview Shopping Center helps simplify Gelato ice cream sales especially during those hot summer days.

As my picture clearly shows, each flavor type of this delicious Italian frozen treat has its own deep tub inside this custom-built freezer which keeps the proper temperature.

Additionally, unlike traditional ice cream kept hidden from view in some vendors box-shaped freezer with a lid on top, the Gelato markets itself to passersby who can view what they are getting.

You have to admit this display certainly makes your mouth water in anticipation while you wonder where you can get some.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SIMPLIFY”.