Conjure Mediterranean Life

Painting helps conjure Mediterranean life in countries surrounding this sea.
Painting helps conjure Mediterranean life in similar looking small villages in Greece, Lebanon, or Sicily(Italy).

Looking at this painting helps conjure what Mediterranean life in Sicily, Greece, or perhaps, even Lebanon must be.

My first thoughts were Sicily or Greece however, when I mentioned this to one of the Saint Michel flea-market vendors he suggested Lebanon.

This photo edited image is from a painting that happened to be hanging in this man’s little corner of the flea-market.

Having a care second look at the picture and better observing the vendor, I quickly asked if he was Lebanese and got an affirmative response.

Apparently, he was from a similar looking town near the Mediterranean then again, there probably are many such towns in the various countries sharing this famous old sea.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONJURE”.