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Tour Guide 4Montreal mashup highlights places that haven’t changed much remaining landmark icons international tourists appreciate visiting because they are unique.

I have included also a picture of our famous overpasses that linked highway 20, the Ville Marie expressway, and the Decarie expressway these overpasses are now pretty much demolished.

Also, Montreal would not be the metropolis it is without our Jazz (trumpet player) and Just-for-Laughs (green devil with red horns) festivals which shown along with a picture of people dancing to music in Cabot Park during our 375th anniversary last year, in 2017.

This tiny park is straddled between the old Forum, now defunct famous Children’s Hospital, and the Alexis Nihon Plaza complex at the corner of Saint Catherine street and Atwater boulevard at far west end.

There are also pictures representing three Montreal cathedrals, Christ Church, Mary Queen of the World and Saint Patrick’s, more of the middle one shown along with several other famous landmarks near it including the Place-du-Canada Park, Sun Life Building, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and the looming Place Ville Marie.

It all ends with a winter scene of people sitting on summer Chesapeake Bay style wooden chairs huddled around a specialized outdoor wood fire stove during the Montreal-en-Lumiere festival..

This is my contribution for WP weekly Photo Challenge:”TOUR GUIDE”

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