Panther Puzzled

The special "Zimmerit" coating on famous WW2 German army Panther tank coating puzzled me.
German Panther tank displayed inside Canadian War Museum has unusual, unique, armor coating on it something which puzzled me.

German Panther tank displayed at Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum has unusual, unique coating on its armor which puzzled me considering that some appears missing in places.

Although the museum technical staff put in much work getting this very popular, famous, WW2 tank into required shape it seems getting real “Zimmerit” coating may be hard to obtain and apply because stocks are probably not available anymore.

Most likely the stuff used is fake causing those patches where it has broken off or is missing because apparently the original coatings are reputed to last a long time reminding me of that old Johnson’s Wax TV commercial’s famous line about being “so tough bullets bounce off!”

According to one Internet source, the Zimmerit stuff was so durable taking a hit from anti-tank round in battle only caused localized damage moreover, vehicles buried in ground or in a swamp for decades and dug up still retained surprising amounts.

Zimmerit acted as a barrier preventing direct magnetic mines contact to tank’s metal hull surfaces, and its application contributed negligible amount of weight to the vehicle.

Moreover, this coating plus camouflage paint added to effectively break the tank’s outline something very important on the battlefield to remain undetected.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PUZZLED”.