Stifle Real Truth

Today governments can't easily stifle real truth because of freedom of press allowing sensational, fake, stories like this.
Fortunately today governments can’t easily stifle real truth or repress genuine facts because of freedom of the
press allowing stories like this one.

Fortunately governments today can’t easily stifle real truth or repress genuine facts because of freedom of the press and stories like this one (depicted) can’t be suffocated as “fake news”.

Our galloping technological progress in a myriad of fields including human biology has produced marvels such as DNA analysis and screening, gene splicing, nano-robots, advanced 3D limb prosthesis printing, artificial insemination, new laser surgical methods, new antibiotics, etc.

During a recent visit to the now famous Saint Michel flea market I spotted a copy of the old Midnight tabloid dated 1966 lying on top of some stuff, what caught my attention was its sensational front page.

The headline reminded me of another sensation, a real story with a famous quote from 1976 by then Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau, who when asked by reporters about the Olympic Games finances replied ” The Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby!”

We all now know what happened, the Olympics was a financial disaster, because although budgeted at $310 million the final tally ended up costing taxpayers closer to $2 billions after the dust settled in 1987.

The Midnight tabloid, founded in Montreal by Joe Azaria born in Bagdad, Iraq, is the granddaddy of present day notorious supermarket tabloid Globe, third largest selling newspaper of its type after National Enquirer.

Sensational headlines like this are what made Joe and his printer Pierre Peladeau, future founder of the Quebecor media empire very wealthy people.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”STIFLE”.