Not An Inkling

Happy camper Ralph had not an inkling what America's favorite softdrink was doing to him while he enjoyed it.
Ralph like many people had not an inkling what those active ingredients in America’s favorite drink were doing
to him heck, he was happy having it.

Decades of refreshing himself with America’s favorite soft drink Ralph had not an inkling what those active ingredients in that drink were doing to him heck, he was happy having it.

Long time employee Ralph was extremely happy working there having excellent salary his union negotiated for members plus enjoying unlimited amount of his favorite drink gratis(free) compliments of the firm.

I took this picture while visiting the Saint Michel flea-market last Sunday and I spotted the happy camper hanging around still sporting his famous smile.

Ralph was not alone having little or no clue about what drinking the stuff does to their health because that information was previously not readily available to public before several medical studies showed correlation of this product to disease it allegedly causes.

Recently, when asked by a UK reporter about negative health effects their drink has on consumers a spokesperson for the firm replied “People have enjoyed some for over 100 years making it perfectly safe as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. Moreover, consumers now have a choice of our product meeting needs of different people, these include lower sugar, no sugar, and no caffeine versions.”

The reporter from the Telegraph writes this product contains so much sugar we would probably throw up if not for the corrosive phosphoric acid it contains that somehow intercedes preventing us from vomiting.

According to the Telegraph story, 40 minutes after drinking a can or bottle, blood sugar really spikes, your pupils dilate, and blood pressure is in the stratosphere causing body to overproduce brain chemical dopamine.

Similar to heroin, this neurotransmitter controls pleasure centers in brain giving a “high” providing that famous so-called refreshing feeling, and addiction.

Additionally, just like with heroin there is an inevitable “crash” because after about an hour the body needs relief through urination, pissing away valuable nutrients needed to keep your system hydrated meanwhile, that massive amount of absorbed extra sugar kicks in giving drowsiness and irritability.

This very popular, sugary, drink and its many imitators when consumed regularly—1 to 2 cans a day or more also causes increased obesity leading to risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions according to a long time Harvard School of Public Health study.

Several other similar studies by for example Black Women’s Health Study, Farmingham, Mayo Clinic, Nurses Study, etc, back up and confirm the risks of heart disease and death sugary cola drinks pose.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”INKLING”.