Inscrutable Benevolence

Inscrutable Benevolence

Inscrutable benevolence is an oxidized bronze of young woman, “Charite” caring for  small child on left hand and on right, poor old woman with bread loaf.

Inscrutable benevolence depicted as “Charite”, an oxidized bronze young woman figure clutching a small child with left hand while on her right sits an old woman tightly holding a loaf of bread.

The four-sided grey granite monument resting in front right side of Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral acts as backdrop for four different type sets of bronzes plus another on the very top.

Each side is different although two sides, the one on east is Charite and similar one on opposite or west side is called “Religion” both have young woman figures acting as guardians of the weak and defenseless.

Both the north and south sides have bronze plaques with historic scenes near the base of the monument and large bronze crests attached to large flat granite sides just below the monument top where perches a large bronze of a famous bishop.

Unlimited love of humanity, benevolent goodwill, generosity, and helpfulness directed towards the needy, poor, incarcerated, those suffering, and desperate ensures a better world for all mankind in accordance to God’s will.

Depicting a loving mother figure “Charite” is showing she will protect and nourish the poor, old, woman meanwhile, also lovingly carrying out her maternal duties for her young child.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”INSCRUTABLE”.