Armor Strategy

Canadian armor strategy during period between wars existed only in limited training due lack of real tanks.
French WW1 armor strategy with their Renault FT17, on which US M1917 6-ton tanks are based, envisioned
mass attack with these light tanks to overwhelm German defenses.

Canadian armor strategy ceased to exist following end of WW1 only revived when government realized in 1939 WW2 was imminent hastily buying surplus United States M1917 6-ton tanks as “scrap’ .

The “scrap” tanks were available fortunately because US remained neutral until Pearl Harbor after which Nazi Germany to support allied Japanese Empire declared war on Americans.

These American tanks were built after WW1 and never ever saw war action,  based on the French FT-17 Renault light tank which saw enough important action in 1918 ending with the armistice.

Canada did train tank crews between wars however, real tanks were practically non-existent until the M1917 deal.

This particular M1917 exhibited at Canadian War Museum in Ottawa is one of two still around the other is at Camp Borden Canadian Forces Base Museum.

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