Cryogenic Shock

Cryogenic shock occurs from intense minus thirty Celsius cold coupled with "tons" of winter snow.
Cryogenic shock occurs from endured intense bitter cold temperatures during recent times coupled with tons
of snow making life more interesting to say the least.

Cryogenic shock occurs from intense, bitter, cold coupled with “tons” of winter storms snow helping create and maintain world largest, most sophisticated refrigeration unit.

Our mind numbing experience makes us realize how delicate we are in our hostile, quickly changing, environment.

Since the end of last month until only a few days ago we endured extremely cold temperatures coupled with sufficient wind most days to create windchill of minus thirty Celsius.

Temperature like this freezes exposed flesh in minutes making life more interesting to say the very least.

My picture depicts a typical, sunny, cold, late afternoon with its intense dark blue, sky looming over a very bright, white, sparking, mountain of snow the city maintenance crew created clearing a parking space.

The misshapen thermometer is deformed Dali style to attract your attention to its reading showing the extreme outdoor temperature.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SHOCK”.