Almost Cat Food

Fluttering bird is almost cat food evading classy brown striped cat's swift paw with sharp, deadly nails.
Sparrow is almost cat food while evading brown striped tabby with blue eyes and blue butterfly necktie that flashes
 swift paw and claw armed with deadly, sharp, needle-like, nails.

Sparrow is almost cat food as it evades tabby with blue butterfly necktie armed with swift paw and claw full of sharp, deadly, needle-like nails.

The huge street art mural adoring a Western Union store’s outer wall depicts the action that also includes giant flowers and petal pieces, a young boy whistling something , a man’s face, and large oriental perhaps, Chinese alphabet characters.

This financial establishment is on a 90 degree corner,  half on Saint Catherine running east-west while the other half  is a small street running north-south where the art work is.

About February 2015, when I was heading west walking towards Atwater Avenue along Saint Catherine street  I spotted this very interesting mural and took this picture.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ALMOST”.