Some 2017 Favorites

Some 2017 favorites that I never used for my blog appear in my short slide video also, one picture that I used helps end the show.

Urban Science Brass Band trombone player dressed in white suit and hat wearing dark shades and broad smile while extending his arms out in triumphant satisfaction during the annual Montreal Jazz Festival 2017 was that image I am glad to have captured.

Just-for-laughs green devil with red horns and wide toothy grin seemed appropriate for show’s last image after all, that Montreal festival follows after the Jazz Fest ends

This year readers seemed to have a fascination with mushrooms particularly those of the toxic Amanita family therefore, a picture is included meanwhile, another picture that follows it,  is another Just-for-laughs related one taken in the Quartier-des-Spectacles during the Jazz Festival.

The two bogus Quebec paramedics have their hands full “saving” a dummy female wearing a neck support meanwhile, some passersby tourists appear concerned  thinking about the odd emergency aid performed as “medic” holds the patient’s leg straight up.

Another subject readers seemed to appreciate viewing are expensive, fancy cars and the Lamborghini emblem on jet black background certainly makes a statement.

Food is subject that readers love heck, we all love good eats therefore, my homemade glazed  muffin with icing dripping onto plate evokes desire for some moreover, that image of milk chocolate pieces loaded with nuts or other appropriate bits certainly makes our mouths water.

Entertainment already touched  earlier on excites many particularly when a Quebec cabinet minister plays guitar during the annual Saint Jean Baptiste Day festivities followed by a lovely Quebecois  belle in fashionable torn jeans belting out a few songs while accompanied by her rock band.

Something seldom seen in Montreal or anywhere else however, certainly eye popping enough to get a lot of attention by locals and many international tourists in town for the Jazz festival were a troupe of young women and some men totally painted in blue, orange, red, green, and yellow colors and wearing only thongs and skimpy bras.

Two other areas depicted in my short video are art and buskers both provide stimulation to our senses regarding creativity some individuals have.

Our two buskers entertained locals and more importantly international visitors in town for the Jazz Fest, their act was exceptional worthy of some of the best circus acts.

Our art involves a newly established art gallery where a friend was one of a group of amateur artists being acknowledged by gallery owner in front of friends and visitors  while  their work  was being displayed  on the gallery’s walls.

This year was Montreal 375th and Canada’s 150th anniversaries and a lot was happening downtown and across the country, all will end on New Year’s Eve.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”2017 FAVORITES”