Hockey Legend

Canadian hockey legend Ivan Cournoyer, the "Road Runner", speaks at 2015 SME private luncheon.
Canadian hockey legend Ivan Cournoyer private luncheon guest speaker for SME members during 2015 Montreal
 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.

Canadian hockey legend Ivan Cournoyer speaks to SME members at private luncheon during 2015 Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show at Place Bonaventure.

Popularly known as the “Road Runner” during his NHL career days playing for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team Ivan is a successful businessman still involved with his former team and the league.

Still remembered for his hockey Cournoyer is often asked to speak at industry events like this one on topics regarding business and career success.

Ivan is a small guy who played right-wing from 1963 to 1979 however, he was blazingly fast on skates earning him his nickname. He was also 1973 Conn Smythe Trophy winner for being a deadly scorer with a career high 47 goals during the 1971-72 season and participated in the Canadiens winning 10 Stanley cups.

Cournoyer retired prematurely during 1979 season suffering from a 1977 back injury complications causing him great pain however, his legacy includes many Canadiens records for example 968 games played, 428 goals scored, 435 assists ending up 6th highest with 863 total points.

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